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Fleischmann NYHET 2020 Digital Startset Ellok Br 193, godståg inkl Z21 station, ....Skala N.....

Fleischmann Startset N
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Art nr 931891

 TysklandSkala NLikström

Digital set z21®: Electric locomotive series 185.1 with 4-piece goods train of the Deutsche Bahn AG. EpochVI.

1 digitally controlled electric locomotive series 185.1 with DCC decoer and light change according to the direction of travel,
2 telescopic hood wagons, 2 sliding tarpaulin wagons.
1 z21®start
1 plug-in power supply
Tracks for an oval track layout with radius R1 and siding:
5 x 9100, 3 x 9101, 1 x 9114, 8 x 9120, 1 x 9170, 1 x 9116.
Electrical connection elements.
Dimensions of track layout: 96 cm x 40 cm.

* The z21start can be extended to a network compatible control center via WLAN package.

To benfit from all z21start function options, just use one of the two variants:

Variant 1:
Use of the z21®-WLAN package (Item 10814):
Content: 1 preconfigured router + unlocking code

Variant 2:
If you already have got a router, the z21® activation code (Item 10818) is required.
Content: 1 activation code.
(Please note that extended network knowledge may be necessary for the activation.)

Information: For both variants a Windows PC or notebook as well as an existing Internet connection are necessary. Control via App or PC.

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