Fleischmann NYHET 2020 Digital Startset Ellok Krokodill, inkl Z21 station, ...Skala N....

Fleischmann Startset N
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Art nr 931886

 TysklandSkala NEpok 4

Digital set z21®: Electric locomotive class 194 with goods train of the Deutsche Bundesbahn. Epoch IV.

1 digitally controlled electric locomotive class 194 with DCC decoder and sound
4 stanchion wagons that carry tree trunks
1 z21®
1 WiFi Router
1 plug-in power supply
1 WiFi-MULTIMAUS® radio controller

Tracks with ballast bed for an oval layout (radius R1) with a long passing loop:
6 straight tracks 9100
8 curved tracks 9120
1 curved point left 9168,
1 curved point right 9169
1 re-railer 9480.
Electrical connection elements.

Dimensions of track layout: 85 cm x 45 cm. Track length: approx. 3,20 m.